Having had the privilege of managing Maxine, I am happy to share that her attention to detail, scientific and intellectually inquisitive nature, as well as her compassion and experience gives me full confidence that she will work hard to enhance the lives of all the animals that she interacts with and her efforts will be a great benefit to her clients.
— Dr. Sean McGuire, Veterinarian
Maxine’s attention to detail and dedication to every animal she comes in contact with is outstanding. As her manager, I have observed her to demonstrate consistent and compassionate care and can highly recommend her services.
— Dr. Stacey Conarello, Veterinarian
Since we adopted Callie at 10 months old, I thought it was going to be almost impossible to train her to adhere to a set of “new” rules. Maxine from Canine Services did a wonderful job training Callie to be an obedient dog. After 7 weeks of training, she is a joyful addition to our family. Thank you, Canine Services for all you have done for us.
— Mrs. Jodi Stephens
Maxine Fox from Canine Services was an excellent dog trainer. She has a special way with animals and a great deal of patience with families. Ben was our first family pet and she gave me the confidence/training that we needed to ensure that he was going to be a great addition to the family. Thank you Canine Services!
— Mrs. Meghan Hutt
Maxine, thank you for your time and effort with our shih tzu mix, Cosette. We are so grateful for the skills that you taught us, as a family. Cosie had several challenging fearful behaviors that we were not addressing correctly. With your expert advice, we were able to define the issues and work daily to help her resolve them. Her improvement is dramatic. We now have the skills and techniques to continue her progress and help her be the best dog she can be! She is a very important part of our family, and we appreciate that you realize this. Your training and techniques were always geared to her temperament and our individual situation. We appreciate your continued interest in her progress. Our only regret is not calling Canine Services sooner! Thank you for everything.
— Mrs. Lainie Potter