Payment and Cancellation

·         Full payment is required prior to or on the first day of class.

·         If you will be unable to complete a session (will miss one or more classes) you may request a make-up class to be redeemed within 3 months. There are, no refunds after the start of a given class session, only make-ups. 24 hour notice is required for cancellation if the class is to be made up.

·         Canine Services Dog Training reserves the right to change pricing structure on any curriculums without obligation to refund existing registrants of those classes.

·         This payment policy is effective for all types of registrations.

Start Time

We aim to start and end our classes on time. If a time or date change needs to occur, please allow at minimum, 24 hours advance notice.

Session Requirements

Classes will meet for approximately 60 minutes.

We suggest that the handler/owner wear closed toe shoes (athletic shoes) for safety reasons.

Please insure that your dog goes out to “do his/her business” about 15 minutes before the session starts.

Canine Services Dog Training encourages families to participate in dog training. We welcome all family members as long as they can follow directions either from parents or the training instructor. Children can join in on the training when appropriate but the adults should assume primary responsibility of the training for the duration of the class. One handler should be working with the dog at any given time and the remaining family members should remain seated or standing quietly nearby.

 For each class you will need to have the following equipment:

Flat Collar: (buckle or Martingale style).

Harness: a well-fitted front buckle style harness is recommended. The Balance, Freedom, and Petsafe 3 n 1 harnesses are all good options.

Leash: A 4-6-foot leather or nylon (no chain or retractable) type leash is preferred. No items should be present on the leash such as waste bag holders because they can be a distraction.

Toys and/or treats: Examples of “high value” treats are string cheese, cubed cooked chicken, soft training treats like Bil Jacs, Zukes, and Cloud Star are good examples. Have a few things available for variety for each session. Please avoid crumbly/crunchy cookie-type treats.   Treats can be also be purchased through Canine Services. If your dog is motivated by a toy, then please have that available as well.

Treat pouch/bait bag: Please have a wearable pouch or bait bag in which to put the food for easy access during training (no plastic baggies).   These bags can be purchased through Canine Services.

Long Line: A 20 to 30 foot cotton training lead is required and can be purchased through Canine Services.

Hungry & Motivated Dog: Please either don’t feed your dog just before the class, or feed about a ½ of the normal ration so that your dog is a bit hungry and motivated.


Canine Services, may take photos and videos of classes, events, and training sessions. I acknowledge that I, my dog, and my family may be included in class photos and videos which I authorize Canine Services to use for any lawful purpose, such as advertising, publicity, illustration and web content. All photos and videos will be the property of Canine Services.